We Learn We Change is the learning centre and community of Reshapers CIC. Reshapers is a social enterprise registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC), Company Number 6570594. This means that our activities and resources are used to benefit the community and we are regulated by the CIC Regulator. Much of what we do is free and based on volunteer contributions. All of our profits are put back into the community we serve and the CIC Regulator monitors that we do this.

Reshapers mission is to promote social justice and well-being through creative learning and activism. As well as this learning ccommunity, we support community transformation projects and work in partnership with other organisations that share our aims. For more about Reshapers CIC and our other activites please see our main company website.

We Learn We Change's mission is to build a world where people matter, through inspiring and informative learning opportunities.

We do this by creating a learning community that harnesses the expertise of experience, from life experiences and professional practice.We believe that all learning is an act of creation and can transform lives. Through our innovative courses, comprehensive resources and collaborative learning community we aim to inspire, support and equip you to address inequality, promote wellbeing and social justice, for yourself or for your community.

We operate to a clear set of values and ethical practices.  We specialise in working with the Third sector, social enterprises, grass roots communities and in the fields of education, social care, human rights and spirituality.